…Blissful for iluminating
Our Lives
and this Planet
with the Shining Light
of Your Presence
in our webpage…

It is gratifying
to get back in touch
with Your Person
knowing that,
despite the distance and time

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RENASKIGI it is a practical way
of living through which
each individual,
instead of simply criticizing the World
or feeling sorry for the circunstances,
assumes the Responsibility
for His own Existence,
trying to,
at each and every moment,
transform problems
into Constructive,
Creative and Harmonious Solutions

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Know some of the practical,
unique and innovative concepts
that RENASKIĜI shares
about various subjects,
such as

Dialogue with the Higher Self,
Luck, etc.

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Activities - News - Events

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Who is Robiyn?


A simple Human Being
who has been doing,

and do it every moment,
the choice to discover
and put into practice

Solutions to every problem,
personal or professional,
individual or collective,
local or global,

specific or generic,
doing so in a way
very simple and immediate,
the Excellence,
recognizing simultaneously,
this Excellency
in You
and in Everyone
without exception...

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