A Short Introduction to Harmonious Cooperation

(An intelligent, different and Efficient way of Living a Good Life)

– 1985. United States. TV stations are concentrated in a single volley ball game and they are broadcasting and holding the attention of thousands of viewers from the whole world , in particular two countries, the US and Brazil.

– 1985. Brazil. On that same day and time, I was personally visiting a family, who like so many others had their attention, expectation and emotions directed at a small box, the TV screen; It was broadcasting the USA – Brazil volleyball game finale. Brazil loses to the United States, scoring second in the world ranking.
Brazilian sadness – there were many tears, both from the players and from spectators. Meanwhile, the Americans celebrated with joy having achieved the final victory and the first place.
At that moment the hostess, Mrs Mary says:
“What a thing! In a championship you’re better out third than second. “
Fernando, her teen, like most of the people an enthusiast, if not fanatic by sports and still invaded by sadness, responded with defiance:

“How can you say something like that, Mother? You don’t know anything about sports. Don’t you know that in sports the sequence is one, two, three, four…? This means that the third comes after the second. “
Mother patiently responds:
“Yes my son, you’re right. But look, as we just witnessed, as the third left smiling; the second cries for not being the first”

Surprised, I gladly listened to Mrs Maria, who in her sincere words was saying what we have been teaching in the Course: “RENASKIĜI – The Art of Living Life in Harmony”. In life, we should never seek out to be victorious, because there can only be victories when someone gets defeated. How can we be happy, if someone is unhappy? How can we have the courage to eat a plate full of food, celebrating loudly, with joy and satisfaction, while others sitting across the table also make noise, but what you hear is the sound of their empty stomachs from hunger, and so thirsty that they cry to see if the tears make them forget their own water need?

You can tell me – “But who will do such a terrible thing? I would never do that! “- You’re right, my Noble and well-intended Friend , you never would, I know that. But the worst is that, without knowing it, you do it, and not just once or twice, but constantly – Daily in your Life, and what is even sadder is that it’s not just you. You are part of the habitants of this planet who also do it.

How do you do it? Just replace the table of the example above with a “ping pong”. or a tennis court, or any other sport. So You and Your team celebrate victory, while the other one, with empty plates, comes out with their minds, hearts and spirits filled with sadness, unhappiness, bitterness, envy and sometimes even hatred caused by their defeat, which usually makes them wish to win next time. Eye for an eye. This time we are stepped on or destroyed, the next one, we will leave stepping and destroying … This is the basic concept of normal life of this century’s man, the man called civilized. And the more civilized, the more this concept becomes true.

If all this only went down only on the sports field it would be bad enough, but the situation is even worse, because this is the traditionally accepted way of living taught to man.

Instead of the sports court, or the food table already mentioned, the table can instead be for political, economic, social, scientific, religious or philosophical discussions. The court may be a school’s exams room, or a university or company, where just like gladiators in an arena, many struggle to prove that the others is worse than them, and they deserve more the one or few places there are to get to the university place or job.

Even in the so-called spiritual paths, each religion seeks to show that they are the exclusive way to God, ignoring the others, and that we have to destroy evil to build the Good.

Is there a way to build what is Good without destroying the evil Evil? And if don’t destroy evil, what could we do with it?

Can you carry an idea forward, without leaving others that may seem antagonistic to yours out?

You will find the answers to all these questions in you, as you apply the knowledge and wisdom with extremely practical techniques, simple and necessary, shared with you in “RENASKIĜI” courses. For I can guarantee you that the answer is yes. Yes, there is an alternative!

One of our works is known as “RENASKIĜI – Creative Solutions.” Because it turns you into a true Solution, from the time you learn to generate Constructive and Creative Solutions, accepting and executing the responsibility for the life in everything, no matter how great or small it may be; actively participating with all your heart – Creative and Constructive for a better world:
Cooperation …

You can say, “All these ideas shared in the previous paragraph are not new. They are old. It can be said that mankind always knew through the years, without ever succeeding. What is the guarantee that it will now? Should I dedicate my life to a project like this? Why?”
The ideas are old, but their presentation and application are extremely new. In addition, if you just try them in your Life you will quickly respond in my place, instead of asking me – because from then on, once you have experienced, you will have his your own successes as practical proof.
Don’t just talk about COOPERATION, we have to cooperate with the Cooperation!

There is no age in Humankind that has not tried to use the cooperation. Ancient and modern civilizations, Eastern and Western, had Cooperation goals. Within the modern social, economic or political projects, much is said on Cooperation, but the results appear to be few or almost zero. Why is that?

If the cooperation is so good, it should multiply itself, increase. Why doesn’t it go ahead? Is man non-Cooperative in nature?

A car with the engine running, no matter how strong it is, can it spin if the hand brake is triggered?

Each person is like that car, and when you decide to cooperate, it’s like taking the foot off the brake. So far so good. The Person comes out of its inertia, but things do not go very far – there’s no speed, no cooperation progress, it seems that something is disturbing.

Of course! What good is taking the foot off the brake, if the hand brake is still engaged? The car can start to run, but it won’t go far, and if it goes, it will be with a lot of resistance, causing damage to the car itself. Just like this, it is no use for anyone – Anyone to be motivated to cooperate and start the process, if the handbrake, which is the conditioning it has received since childhood, through sports, philosophies, religions and the whole culture of his environment, leads you to seek competition.
“Competition is Cooperation’s handbrake”.

While this hand brake is engaged, there won’t be fertile ground for cooperation to grow, take root and develop, even as a seed.

Our whole culture, discipline and “education” is based on competition. Our attention and life is oriented towards it; there are many years of culture and tradition; and dozens of years of school training.

Can you suddenly get out of this competitive cultural heritage avalanche?

Yes – it is not only possible, but necessary – IT’S THE ONLY EXIT.
With RENASKIĜI “deconditioning” and deprogramming techniques such as “Journey to the Past” (conscious regression without hypnosis), exercises like “River of Energy and Forgiveness,” “Telepathy and Mental Dialogue” and the cosmic concepts, anyone can quickly reach new States of Consciousness, where cooperation becomes the individual’s reason of existence.

Among many other projects we have in stock or to deploy, is to rewrite the existing children’s stories in the world, so they never end with the Good destroying evil and vice versa. In its new version the stories end with the Well of living such a brilliant and luminous form, which stimulates and motivates evil to follow his example by using their own free will, and becoming the Well.
Obviously the new children’s stories ever written would be in its original according to this new standard, the Cooperation.
There are several places on Earth where People practice naturally Cooperation. For example, the Tangu tribe in New Guinea (Australia) has a game with pedestrians, which only ends with the tie. This makes the People and teams cooperate. As in the case of man “civilized” the habit of the competition is registered in the subconscious, and governs all your thoughts, words and deeds and in the case of Tangu is the cooperation so registered, that is part of your daily life, to the point that when the time comes to food there is always enough for all; and at time of writing no one overloads – All cooperate.

If the Tangu tribe seems like an exception to you, we could give you many more examples, such as some Amazonian Indian tribes, or other Andes people, the Kalahari pygmies in Africa, the Malaysian Senoi, the Philippines Tasaday… – and still other modern examples like the latest Japanese techniques that teach to cooperate and others from nations who decided to remove the barriers of competition that separated them individually or collectively from each other, joining in groups like the European Union.

A good example of this cooperation, is the economic aid attempt that the United States provided to Japan in an attempt to save the yen.
Another example is the football game between United States and Iran, at the 1998 World Championship in France. Although competitive, there was cooperation effort in players, coaches and other official’s attitude, with the intention to put an end to the cold war that had been going on for 18 years between the two countries. It should be noted that, at the same time, hooligans acted wildly in some other games like Germany and England.
As I said earlier, in order for all this to go well it is necessary consciousness. Even if Consciousness seems absent, it is not always missing. What is lacking is to guide it towards Cooperation consciousness rather than competition.
“RENASKIĜI”’s teachings and techniques allow you to quickly and in some cases immediately achieve Cooperation Consciousness. It’s like an electron gathering energy to make a quantum leap into a new state of consciousness.
In nature nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed… We have to learn and practice the Art of Transmutation.

The first change in your personal transformation is to accept that change is possible.
Many spend their life thinking that change is impossible. Others think it is difficult, few accept the changes for the better are possible; still think they take long and still have to suffer, sacrifice and fight for it.

In fact the changes – especially those for the better – do not require sufferings, sacrifices, struggles … nor effort or power of will. Nor preparation.
The change or transformation is the only reality, from which nothing – not even the most sceptical – can doubt or escape.
Everything changes. The future becomes the past through the present. The seed becomes a plant or tree, leaves, flowers, fruits – and new seeds. When you want to be aware of something or learn a new language, You go from ignorant to a learner, at least in that subject.

Many retain their knowledge thinking they can multiply it. The knowledge that is stored decreases, instead of multiplying, because it stagnates like a swamp, making you falsely sink into the void of its vanity. Vanity is emptiness – like a deep, narrow pit, not allowing you to increase your horizons, or make contact with other beings, things or situations, because in this narrow pit there‘s no room for anything else – just You, only You and You.
Vanity does not allow You to see anything else, because not only the pit is limited, but also the light hardly reaches there, it is very dark inside. Vanity does not allow you to enrich your Life experience, because both the superiority and inferiority complex prevents You from seeing things (or makes you see them deformed), but also because there is no interaction with other beings or conditions. Without this interaction and this experience there is no growth. Without growth there is no life.
To live is to experience.
Is to apply those experiences to new, creative and constructive experiences. When the experience is not creative and constructive there is no growth. There is no life.
“Vanity is the death of life itself”

So that there is a development of Everything, it is necessary to start with a personal development. Personal development can serve both to help Everything and thus lead everyone to evolve, including the person who contributed to this, but can also lead to the fall of that same person.
The danger of each personal development is that it can easily turn into vanity. This state, as we have seen, separates you from others. Separation is the opposite of interaction, that is, the separation is a simple and straightforward “no” to life.
Through the simplicity of “RENASKIĜI“ teachings and its effective results, You learn to understand and realize that life is simple, and also to see clearly that if there are complications is because You created them yourself, or contributed to its creation and existence in any way.

This lucid vision allows you to see with clarity, insight and speed the integration of different factors in a problem or situation, and therefore always come up with a brilliant, constructive, creative and fast solution – so fast that sometimes it’s immediate – or at least compared to the traditional way, you can consider it as immediate.

On the other hand, simplicity is the bridge to Humility. Each time you are simple or do simple things you produce and install one brick over the bridge of Humility.

Humility makes you not want to save any more things to yourself, not even the knowledge. This leads you to enable that knowledge to flow to others, using the bridge of Humility that you’ve built. The constant use of the bridge strengthens itself, that is, Humility. The traffic on the bridge knowledge of Humility generates Wisdom. Wisdom is generated and multiplied when you use the knowledge in a constructive and creative way to serve others. Service to others is only service if You contribute to the evolution and Welfare of Others without wanting anything in return. The service flows in one direction from You – from the generator to the other – the receivers.

The lamp, just as any other source of light, illuminates, because it generates light and it flows to All and Everywhere. Just like the lamp is at service to others: a process of Light, because It radiates to All and to Everywhere. In other words, when you serve All the way we speak here; You turn into a Light Source. Radiating light is love. Serving is love.
In short – the traffic of knowledge across the bridge of Humility, with Knowledge Serving All and enlightening them, is an act of love.
LOVE is performing acts of Love
RENASKIĜI leads you to practice acts of love. Love makes you Reborn. The Art of Rebirth is an Art of Love.
1 – Upper cases – Though apparently this breaks grammar rules, the use of certain words in CAPITAL LETTERS (Such as You, If, Person, etc.) is intentional, one that RENASKIĜI uses as a sign of respect for the Divinity that is in You and in Others.

2 – Word repetition – repetition of words, or even the occasional cacophony that may arise in the text, is not an attempt to shame grammar or literary style, but rather a technique used intentionally by the author to create certain sound effects, as mantras and thereby strengthen not only the idea but also the memory of it. This is even more necessary in the case of practical exercises in relaxation, Telepathy, Mental Travel in Time (Past and Future), etc.