Beyond the differences

From Santa Claus
to any Dolphin,
knows that Peace
can only be achieved through
and Cooperation arises
from Respecting Differences.

The Respect for Differences
comes from Admiring
Similar and Different qualities
in Others.

I Respect and Admire
Qualities in Others
only when I can
respect and Admire
the qualities in myself.

I Respect and Admire
the Qualities in myself
when I can Love myself.

I can Love myself,
when I find out who I am.
I find out who I am
when I know why I exist.

I know why I exist,
I love and take care of Others
regardless of differences.

As I love and take care of Others,
I fulfil myself, grow, I’m Happy
and I find myself,
giving to Everyone
the greatest gift I have,

When I give endlessly
to Each and Everyone,
the greatest gift I have,
I find myself
and materialize through me,
Santa Claus
or a Dolphin,
or any other representation
of Kindness, Balance, Harmony, Love…

Thank You for existing
and allowing me to be Happy,
giving a meaning to my Existence,
materializing with You,
Santa Claus…
or a Dolphin…
any time…