Your Right
to remain


Are You really Free?


If there was a Cow,
Would You be able to
express Its milk without
giving It pasture?
and if You did it,
for how long would You
be able to continue doing it?

Could You benefit
from the Airplane if Someone
had never invented it
Could You have invented it?

What do You know
about airplanes?

One of the most misunderstood things
by most of Humanity are
Copyrights and Patents.

These Rights are for the Author / Inventor like the pasture is for the cow:

without them, the Author / Inventor
can not continue to contribute
with Their Creativity and Solutions
that come for the
Well~Being of Everyone.

Explaining a little more clearly:

The Author / Inventor,
whether from a book, a song, a movie,
a work of art, or any other Idea or Solution,
including Inventions,
puts everything of Himself,
time and money (sometimes even borrowing) ,
to realize His Creative Ideas.

His Ideas are so good,
that the Solutions that He brings,
for being beneficial and useful,
Everyone desires Them,
to the point that some want to imitate them.

It turns out that the Person or People,
who want to imitate what this
Author / Inventor has to offer,
did nothing to be able to obtain it.

Or having done so,
they never succeeded in carrying out
anything special.

they want to copy His Ideas
without giving them anything in return,
sometimes going so far
as to think that They are being exploited
– for many, paying Copyright and Patents
is like letting yourself be exploited.

Nobody can get anything for nothing.

Can you get close to a piece of land
and take away from it what You did not plant?
Zero multiplied by zero always becomes zero.

On the other hand,
if many People continue to think this way
and make illegal copies,
without recognizing the Copyright and Patents,
there may be a point where their works
or inventions produce nothing
for the Author / Inventor.

Their contribution, as an Author or Inventor,
to Humanity, does not earn them nothing.

And if He has borrowed or invested His time,
money and Creativity in His project,
it will not bring him anything.
Money just does not come back
and He can end up with bigger debts.
He may give up on continuing to do
what He does well,
or He may still persist despite such difficulties.

But as much as He likes to continue to persist,
a day comes when He has no way,
because even if he cannot pay the debts
and the time invested,
He needs at least to live.

This Author / Inventor ends up
seeing that His Creativity is not recognized and,
to survive, either goes to a Country where the Copyright / Patents are respected,
because this is a show of recognition
and thanks to the Creativity of others …

… or else, he radically changes his profession,
doing something mediocre,
compared to his talent,
but because he is so mediocre and common,
nobody tries to imitate.

And why all this?

Because, despite being mediocre,
at least it allows Him to survive.

That is how most of the Geniuses of the countries
of the so-called Third World live (or survive).

Either they go to Countries where Rights
are normally respected and therefore
Their talent is recognized,
or They live in camouflage as ordinary,
ordinary people.

This is one of the differences
that characterizes a country as being
from the First or the Third World,
developed or underdeveloped.
No country is developed because it has more technology.

Technological development is a mere consequence
of mental and spiritual development,
and of the ethics with which it is applied
to Your daily life.

It is a practical,
even pragmatic spirituality
and not the theory of spiritual pride
that some countries, cultures or communities
claim to have.

This is so interesting that some countries are so strict,
that any Person who violates
Copyright / Patents by making pirated copies of,
for example, computer programs,
may have to pay a huge fine and imprisonment.

In the end, violating Copyright / Patents is theft.
It is one of the most serious and cowardly thefts that exist.

What does it cost us to collaborate with a small contribution for Who is giving us as much wonderful things as Their Solutions,
Works or Inventions?

What did we do to have them,
while the Other dedicated Their Life and all Their Creativity to achieve it?

This way,
we may be helping Him to maintain Himself, perhaps even to recover His investment
– and once recovered,
to dedicate Himself to new projects –
bringing new Solutions,
instead of putting Your Creativity aside
and thus still delay even morethe progress and needs of Humanity.

And if He gets rich,
let him be blessed, he deserves it.

We will never become poor by helping Someone to get well or to get rich in a honest way.

We can, however, make us poor by thinking badly of Others or doing Them evil in some other way.

Thinking badly is, in itself, one of the worst forms of poverty and crime.
On the other hand, Thinking Well of Others is Saying Well with the Mind and the Heart.

That is,

To bless the Other is to direct Your Light to the Light of the Other,
which You have just recognized through the Brightness that comes from it.

To bless the Other is to add the Light emanating from Yourself,
to the Light that already exists and emanates from the Other.
Adding to the Light,
You are making it grow …
it is growing …
it is multiplying …
Growing and multiplying the Light of the Other,
but also Yours and, of course,
the Light of All Others.

Yours, because if You grow and multiply the Light of the Other,
being Light, it naturally emanates in all directions and therefore, also for You.

In conclusion,

Blessing the Other is Blessing Yourself.
Rajmohan Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, said:

“Character is what You do in the dark.”

In the light of day and in front of Others,
Everyone can be Honest.
Can You, in the silence of Your Soul,
Heart and Mind,
continue to say that you are really honest?
Even though alone,
isolated from the Others and in the dark
– Are You really honest?

It is not the table of the ten commandments,
nor a code of laws, or anything similar,
that will determine Your Honesty,
but rather
– Your Respect for Your Neighbor –
and that includes His Rights as an Author or Inventor.

After all,
we do not want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.
Do we?

And You are also one of them …







Blissful to Illuminate our Lives
with the Light of Your Love,
Understanding and Respect for
– the Right of the Other to Live –
the Right of the Author,
the Right of the Inventor …


Blissful for You
to have understood the importance


Blissful for Your Existence,
and Your will to help Everyone else
to exist as well…