Dialogue with the Higher Self

To You,
My Luminous materialized Presence
in the Time / Space known as Planet Earth,

Thanks for being the Light that illuminates our New Year,
giving it the Cosmic perspective, in this World supposedly out of balance, helping thus to elevate it to existential Levels never conceived before, except maybe in the Optimistic Vision of some Idealists, or in the Celestial Vision of some Spiritualists.

May Your Presence, just like Mine, materialize all the process of Cosmic Acceleration, bringing sooner, in the course of this same Year, the transformation of Dreams into Realities, always with Balance and Harmony, which are fundamental characteristics of the Cosmic Ethics. Independently if those Dreams are at the Personal, Professional, Familiar, Global, Humanitarian, Terrestrial, Extra-terrestrial or Ultra-terrestrial Level. Of any Inter and Multi-dimensional Reality.

Thanks for allowing me count on You and join You, so that together we achieve things which many have tried over thousands of years and have given up, thinking it was impossible. If alone, the task seemed to be impossible and together, maybe difficult, surely the perspective changes, because besides being together, we are united at a different vibratory Level. That is why, instead of impossible or difficult, the task becomes, like a simple road that is there – ready, clean, ample, smooth and offering itself to be utilized, but one which will not take You anywhere unless you enter it and utilize it – which means unless You utilize everything that it has to offer.

Life and the new possibilities that are opening themselves in Your actual Existence, are like the road. Of what use is the existence of the road, if You think it does not exist? Are You going to use it? Would You use something that does not exist for You? Even if that thing exists, the simple fact of thinking it does not exist leads You not to take it into account and consequently not enjoying the benefits that it would bring You.

Any and every destination is ready for You. All You have to do is take the adequate road and the crossings, etc. It is not enough to decide; it is necessary to take the car and go ahead.

In the same way, any goal that we desire is already – ready. And the way to reach it, for example the road, is not needed to be built: it is already – ready. It is a matter of choosing the most adequate road and instead of simply deciding, taking the most convenient steps, till You reach the goal or destination, that is already waiting for you.

When explained this way, don’t You think it is easier than what You had thought ?

Well, that is why I am here, to clarify things. If at times I seem to not have been present, or seem to have failed with You, that is not really the case, it is however, the contamination by the noise of Your own doubts, disillusions, blockages of any kind and dissatisfaction, You were not able to be aware that I had and have been with You all the time.

That is the reason why I asked RENASKIĜI to intervene. How?

When You play a CD or a cassette tape, even if the player is good, it’s sound may seem to be non-existent, if there is no amplifier, or if there is one yet is not connected. RENASKIĜI is the amplifier between You and Me.

And who am I?

I am You, Yourself, or that part of Yourself, which You have been insisting in not recognizing.

Welcome to Yourself with all the Light that You irradiate when You listen to me,

With Love,

Your Higher Self

This a RENASKIĜI’s New Year’s Message (Dialogue with the Higher Self),
through its Author, Robiyn.
It is my message of the Love and Thrust I have in You
in Your Wisdom to use Your own capacity
for a better World.
* In spite of the reserved Copyrights,
I give You permission to share it
with Your Relatives, Friends and Colleagues
in a non-commercial fashion,
as long as the text is complete as it is presented here above,
and You mention the source,
the data contained over here, including
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