What is Faith?

It is the same certainty You have that when you drink a glass of water your throat will be wet.

Why would You have to hope if things are already good?

When you drink a glass of water, do You have hope?

Or are You sure?

How can You be sure that the water will wet your throat

and not be sure when God is in your life?

Do You have more faith in water than in the presence of God in your life?

The divine man NEVER has hopes

as hope implies a possibility to fail.

The divine man is always certain,

as certainty does not leave room for the possibility of failure.

If what You’re looking for is bright and divine,
Harmonious and Balanced, without interfering with the free will of anyone,

then it is obviously a process of FAITH,

so let’s be certain of the magnificent thing that we can do with God working within our lives.


“When two or more come together in my name I will be among them,”


what does this mean?

When you act in balance and harmony with other beings or humans,
then You are following a divine condition,
therefore God is working through you.

This is a process called alchemistic,
which is the opposite of a process called selfish.