If You have a scale with empty plates,
and in one of them you put ten kilos
and in the other one You put one kilo,
which one will weight down the most?

“The ten kilos one!” You will say without hesitation.

We say no. It depends.

If You move the scale fulcrum closer to the heavy plate,
the so-called lighter one,
will stop being light,
and will get heavier or stronger.

A Leader is the one who dares to approach a heavy
and real concrete situation to give the opportunity for a light,
unlikely, or utopian situation,
even impossible,
to be able to be a real and concrete solution.

A Leader is a scale’s fulcrum.

The scale’s fulcrum will determine if
a small force is going to change everything,
or if it will be carried away, believing it’s small.

The leader can change anything or any Being
from a situation of inertia or rest into a motion situation,
making it possible for an idea as impossible or insignificant as it may seem,
at any time.

pyramid leader

A Leader is also a Solutions catalyst.

In chemistry,
a catalyst is the one that accelerates a reaction’s process,
causing it to emerge when everything else seems to indicate that it won’t.

The leader accelerates the process of his and others Well-Being,
securing the achievement of events that otherwise
would be considered illusory or impossible.

For this reason,
sometimes he seems like a visionary and futuristic.

A Solutions inventor.

The perception that most people have about leadership
is a vertical concept,
in which the leader is positioned on the top of a pyramid
and commands the rest.

This is a dangerous situation,
because if the foundation is missing or trembling,
the leader will fall.

The reasons for this may be diverse,
as invisible and destructive as a thermite,
which sometimes surprises us manifesting itself
only at the demolition final moment.

In fact,
in our definition this is not a leader,
but a Boss.

Other people,
conscientious of this almost dictatorial situation
of Vertical Hierarchy,
move into a Horizontal one,
that in the same way that solves some of the problems
of the vertical model;
it creates others and ends up not being
a complete solution or practical.

We suggest a different way of understanding
at and practicing leadership.
A more comprehensive – holistic, practical, efficient and simple way.

Try it and see the results for Yourself:
Just like the scale’s fulcrum,
to us the leader is someone who is at the pyramid vertex,
only the pyramid is inverted.

That is why his decisions affect everyone.
The leader is the fulcrum.
He does not condemn others or things,
because He does not blame anyone,
not even Himself.

The greatness of a Leader also lies
in his creativity and simplicity.

On Creativity because He always finds a genius,
innovative and effective way to solve a problem.

Any problem.

In Nature nothing is created, nothing is lost;
therefore, He does not create or fail to create
– He just transforms.

The leader turns each and every problem
into a solution.

For there is no problem without Solution,
as there is no hand without a hand palm,
say for example, only with the back part.

The unifying mind of the leader allows you
to see and reach the Solutions
without isolating them from problems
or as problems, as certainly,
a non-leader would.

Simplicity, another key feature of a leader,
demonstrates the intimacy that he shares with the truth.

He doesn’t need to distort it with thoughts,
words or deeds,
that is, with vanity.

In short, Simplicity gives the Leader direct access to the truth,
no red tape or hassles.

It is a direct, permanent and continuous connection.

In the same way,
the leader never sees Himself in an embarrassing situation,
except in the rare circumstance of someone else’s lack of vision,
like Pasteur would have felt before
the other scientists of His time until their understanding
on what He was presenting Them.

The leader never falls.

Because he can handle everyone and everything.

He takes responsibility,
He does not blame.

He is responsible for making the necessary adjustments,
just like the fulcrum,
and thus achieving the results he desires.

It is good to stress that the fulcrum
never touches the plates of the scales.

At least not directly.

He adjusts himself and that way affects the dishes.

This concept of harmonious leadership
fits perfectly within Quantum Physics.

Quantum Physics tells us about the relativity
and uncertainty of a given particle’s position.

And it also tells us about how the observer’s consciousness
participates in the phenomenon that he’s observing,
and changing the results.

Experiments in United States made in mice with cancer,
confirmed the accuracy of this information.

You, as a citizen of the World,
are an observer and at the same time a participant in Life.

As we have observed in Quantum Physics,
the results are altered by consciousness
– the way You look at things, beings,
situations and act.

You are contributing in order to those results
to be good for You and for Everyone,
without leaving anybody out?

If the answer is yes, what’s still to improve?

If it’s no, what’s still to resolve?

The World is urgently in need of Leaders.

Are you one of Them?

I’m sure You are.
You are a leader.
It doesn’t matter who You are or what position you have in Life,
because to us a Leader is someone who masters its thoughts,
words and acts responsibly.

The responsibility to preserve freedom.

Is only free the one who doesn’t go down because of a problem,
turning it into a constructive,
creative and harmonious Solution.

It doesn’t matter what is the problem
– personal or professional, individual or collective.

So always preserve freedom.

Do You turn problems into solutions?

Yes?! No?! Some?! Sometimes?!

Why not all? – Always!

All Our proposals are highly practical.
Instead of believing or doubting we invite You to experience,
enjoying the results and knowing,
with Your own certainty of these results.

Why believe, when You can be sure and take advantage
of the benefits arising with the results?

Happy Life,
here and now – right now,
and a unique, wonderful day
because You exist
and You are the Solution,

the Constructive, Creative and Harmonious Solution…