Our Task

If we have a chain with 100 links,
99 of which exert a force of one ton,
and 1 link exerts one kilo,
what would be the chain’s full force?

One kilo, of course.

The force of a system or aggregation
is measured by the minor force
or biggest weakness of any part of it
considered in isolation.

This also applies to Human Beings,
thus to society or any group as a whole
and to any individual as a part.

And so it is if the world has one suffering or unhappy being,
the world will have its equilibrium threatened
They will be suffering and unhappy.

It only takes one individual suffering or unhappy
in order not to be possible to assure
any current condition of non-suffering or non-happiness.

Notice the words we are using,
because Joy is different from the non-suffering,
and Happiness
from the non-happiness.

We can not go further,
explaining these statements,
the text would be even more long.

if You wish,
we will be happy to enlighten You.

The chain links previous example shows us that,
if You’re ahead,
You should assist in awakening and liberating
those who appear to be behind or late.

It doesn’t matter, for this purpose,
Your current level of advance,
or the current degree of delay of the Other.

In other words, if a clock stops,
You dispose it, throwing him out as useless?

Or do try to understand what’s wrong with it,
fixing the gear that is causing it disabled,

The world is like this watch:
most people have been trained to only see
the fault in the clock and to blame it on others,
on things or even on previous generations,
this suggests total lack of responsibility and ignorance.

Our Task

Let’s assume the task is our responsibility
and fix the gear that we are,
allowing ourselves to return to a proper functioning.

In other words,
if You are in the sea
and the boat on which You are begins to sink,
will You start complaining about who sold You the boat,
the manufacturer,
who designed it…?

Or will You first try to swim to avoid drowning?

It’s time we contribute in order to the planet
in which we are doesn’t keep sinking,
nor the society or community in which we find ourselves,
family, job
school, university or,
simply the street.