Dolphins Interaction

Robiyn abraçar Golfinhos

Robiyn organizes high seas Excursions to interact with Free Dolphins. These events are unique and unforgettable and seek to awaken the Dolphin in You!

In the temple of DELPHI,
where Socrates the Philosopher
was considered the greatest Sage of Antiquity,
there was an inscription of his famous phrase,

“Know thyself”

(Greek: γνῶθι σεαυτόν, transliterated: gnōthi seauton;
also … σαυτόν … sauton, gnōthi sauton;

and also pronounced as gnotê s’afton).

Along with this phrase,
there were two figures of two Beings.

Were they a Man and a Woman?


There were two Dolphins!

The Greek Philosophers,
considered that the Dolphin
had achieved a Capacity to Love,
than the Human Being,
Philosophers above all,
desired to achieve
and they still weren’t there…

They said that the Dolphins
they had achieved this Capacity to Love,
and they lived it in practice…

• When a Dolphin gets sick and cannot accompany the Pod,
two Dolphins leave the Pod to stay with the sick Dolphin,
until He gets well, or dies…

Then they try to rejoin the Group and if that original Pod
is too far away, They join another one…

• Humans do this, or something similar, when Another Human
need help?

Would you?
Do you?

If you haven’t already,
what is missing to do it…???

If you already do,
what you still have to do

– more and better –

and to make it GROW AND MULTIPLY

to Others on this PLANET EARTH…???