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❤ “Drop of Gratitude“ #2015-06-10 of Bela JARDIM

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After every Living/ workshop/Kurso*
(* “Kurso” = “Course” in Esperanto, the Universal Language)
with Robiyn-Dolphin-Fenix

we receive many e-mails
with Messages of Gratitude
and/or Appreciations of the presencial Living experiences
or of the iKursos online by internet, audio-interactives,
for the all over the World…

This time, we share here
with you,
the Message we received
from Bela JARDIM
after she had participated on the
❤︎Living/ Workshop/Kurso❤︎:

20150609 ik mais alem magnetismo

Thank you Robiyn,
for shedding light in Our Lives,

On yesterday’s IKurso (09-06-2015)

Yesterday’s IKurso came in handy,
after all, as all do.

But yesterday, on the holiday’s eve,

It was possible to feel peaceful and without thinking about schedules,
speaking for myself.

Even the idea of what was going to be, then of what it wasn’t and then returned to be
Made it more attractive, because then I realized I really wanted to be there!

The group, astonishing as always.
Each and everyone devoted to making the IKurso even more interesting.

I felt that everyone had many stories to share
and as the Ikurso moved forward
and from all that we talked about
(like the film “TomorowLand“)

I realized that we’ve made so much progress!

We weren’t too many or few, but the right number …
(applying the idea that Robiyn shared once
and that I loved – I have reminded myself a lot
on how this applies in my life,
the right number..
and I sure have been using this!
And it helps!)

But in this Ikurso
It was not just a matter of numbers …

There was this very interesting dynamic,
with the contribution of all,
of their experiences and among this,
we focused on Alexandra Coito’s experience
and she made this IKurso very dynamic for all of us.

I already fetched a towel: lilac, with Christmas patterns,
offered and embroidered to me by my mother,
as the chosen one to follow the exercise Robiyn asked
Alexandra to perform!

In the last hour of this Ikurso I fell asleep
and then I woke up to Robiyn saying “I will count to seven” … 🙂

Today I feel very good and happy
I decided to participate in this Ikurso.

As I mentioned, every course that I participate in
(actually, any contact with Robiyn or even the team)
I always feel an advance and this was another move …
a dance one;)

There have been many funny stories around me,
apparently small, but full of meaning
and this makes me feel like I’m on the right track
without getting away
from RENASKIGI and therefore, from me.

Thank you! Kisses,

Bela Jardim

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