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❤ “DROP OF GRATITUDE” #2015-06-30 of Pedro LAIA – “Dear Mother”

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After every Workshop/Kurso*,
(*“Kurso” = “Course” in Esperanto,
the Universal Language)
with Robiyn-Dolphin-Fenix

we receive many e-mails
with Messages of Gratitude
and/or Appreciations of presencial Experiences
or online ❤︎iKursos❤︎,
to the all World…

This time, we share here
with you,
the Message we received
Pedro Laia
After his Workshop/Kurso participation
in Vagueira-Aveiro:

20150613 viv toalha magica

Dear Mother…

It seems that my whole life
I had my eyes closed, and couldn’t see,
But finally
This weekend I was able to behold
The Child within you.

Where I saw only darkness
I could finally see the Light that you are.

And what a beautiful Light.

It is a privilege to be your Son,
thank you for being my Mother.
After you read this letter
I want to hug you and finally be able to say from my Heart
“I love you”

Many years ago,
I was about 12 or 14 years old,
I was in my bed trying to sleep but I couldn’t,
I still slept a little,
but I woke up,
I was troubled I wasn’t feeling well,
something was not well I felt a deep sadness inside
that would grow in every moment I got up,
you were in the kitchen,
I went close but couldn’t pass through the door.

I tried several times but just couldn’t,
only felt like crying.

I wanted to hug you and say that I loved you
but I couldn’t
I wanted to feel your embrace and the love you have for me,
but I think I was scared of being rejected by you.

After trying in what seemed an eternity,
I gave up and went back to bed.

And so I was for all these years.
I didn’t cry out loud,
but inside,
always felt this sadness inside me,
which was a heavy burden.

But today, after you read this letter,
I’ll transform this,
I’ll hug you and say that I love you,
And that I know that you will hug me and say you love me too

Because you always have.

Thank you Dad for always being with me
For never giving up on me,
I love you.

Thank you Bernardo
for being a real example of RENASKIĜI every day.

You have no idea how many times I get inspiration from you,
we don’t even need to speak rr have telepathy.

Thank you for reminding me of the Child that I am.

Thank you to everyone who were there this weekend.

You are like a River at the spring you may be small
but there comes a time when you are an irresistible flux,
not of water, but of Light,
Energy… LOVE.

I believe the best way to thank Robiyn
is to enjoy and live this one more present you gave me.

The fisrt time I went to a Workshop in Porto
You gave me my father and now,
at my “second come back”, you gave me my mother.

I think that all the ones present in this Workshop
(and many more)
Feel that everyone in the world
(and lets limit to this for now)
must know RENASKIGI.

We already have an overload of Love,
now we only need some work and organization
so that others can rediscover themselves
and shine like the stars they’ve always been
but that at the moment think they’re not.

Just like in Robiyn’s explanation
When several different organ unite,
Respecting all the differences,
They form a perfect body.
Thank you for existing in my life…

Pedro Laia

Comments 11

  1. Excellent, Pedro! Your example and share honor the Humankind and us all! Thank you! Hugs,
    Mário Jorge

  2. Hello Pedro,
    Our gratitude for yours 😉
    And for coming to this workshop and introducing us to your wonderful Mother, since through you we can also find more wonders in life!
    And the fact that you brought her to Robyin was already a big gesture of love from you towards her.
    Thank you very much for being there and for sharing all this.
    See you soon!

  3. Thank you Pedro, for sharing this.
    The Mother, the Mother of us all (as Robyin said)! I loved to meet her, she’s a sweetheart!
    Thank you, Pedro, for bringing her to us, it was a wonderful weekend with your presence!
    Thank you to all the wonderful Mothers that love us unconditionally, for nothing in return, just for simply being our mothers.

  4. Pedro,
    Thank you for existing and shedding light…
    I was so moved by your words which I really felt!
    I thank you for being there, you and your Mother – “Ms Rosário”, who like you said, has revealed the Child in her, who she never stop being!
    I feel immensely grateful that you were in this Workshop.
    It was a divine gift!
    I feel that all that we experienced there has contributed to the demonstration of the most beautiful “reality”, the plain and harmonious Life that we hear so much about in RENASKIGI.
    I thank Robyin this opportunities of living and witnessing this wonderful moments.
    Big hugs and lots of kisses for you, Rosário, and all your family
    .. Our family

  5. Wow, Pedro! How moving was your message!
    Congratulations for you (re)discover and thank you, a lot, for sharing this!
    Hugs for you and everyone at home!

  6. Dear Pedro Laia,
    Thank you for your presence in the workshop. I joked about not having white hairs yet, but the sublime message was that I felt the same energy you had when you were in the coordination. Your mother is awesome (just like all mothers), her innocence inspire us and reminds us of how important is being spontaneous.
    Thank you Robyin for igniting these precious moments that gets to all of us.
    See you soon,
    Rui Rocha

  7. Good morning Pedro!
    When I first saw you and your dear mother, Saturday in Vagueira, I had the feeling I knew you for a long time…, just like I shared with you when we were doing the energizing. Thank you for this reunion, and for the great link you provided us!
    I send Maria do Rosário (loved talking to her), you and your family a big hug.
    Isabel Viegas

  8. Beautiful message. Congratulations “Pedrocas”.
    Thank you for coming back and bringing your Mom that inspired us so much.
    Many kisses.

  9. Pedro, I loved your letter.
    I am soon going to be a mother for the second time and I was for the first time not long ago. I was touched by your letter, my heart smiled. Thank you Robyin for helping us all to recall the Child within us. Thank you Pedro, for your letter. Many kisses

  10. Hello Pedro,
    How great was your return, without having ever really left.
    I was very pleased with your presence and happy with this experience.
    Very good! A Mother is something very important to all of us and nothing is better to returning to being in harmony.
    May this energy unleash all the best in you and in your life.
    We are together. Hugs.

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