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A practical way of living. Instead of criticizing the World or complaining about what’s wrong, You accept the Responsibility of Your own existence, at each moment seeking to transform problems into Creative, Constructive, and Harmonious Solutions. It awakens capacities and abilities, latent in each Being, preparing them for Harmonious Action and Leadership. Without religious or political connections. It Respects all Paths, bringing Integration and Harmony, even when there seems to be no Solution or Understanding.

It deals with all aspects of Human activity, being known for this as a Science and an Inter- and Multidisciplinary approach towards Life. Instead of sharing knowledge, it awakens for the Wisdom in each one.

It is based on Harmonious Integration, a concept brought to light by Robiyn, and derived from his own experience and way of living, reflections and proven conclusions also in practice in the Life of thousands of People.


Your Workshops will be conducted personally by Robiyn at Your Service, founder of RENASKIĜI and Idealizer of HARMONIOUS INTEGRATION.

From a Luso-Indian family, born in Goa, when it was still a Portuguese State in India, Robiyn spent much of his Life travelling, researching, studying, teaching, working, sharing with Love in more than 100 countries in 5 continents. He has worked in the air, sea and land, acquired knowledge of about 64 languages and dialects, of which 5 fluent. He also conducts private sessions of Journey to the Past and Private Directions (consultations), in which Robiyn speaks with accuracy and details, of Your Past Lives and connections to current problems and how to clean even without seeing You, even by phone or computer (audio or video-conference), known as Unveiling Mysteries and Overcoming Limitations.

He is also an Author and has material in many languages, such as books, publications, cards, audio and video cassettes, a practice called MEL (Message of Eulogy), training for Companies, Governments and an Internet course entitled Training for Life.

Workshops with Robiyn-Dolphin



Level 1 “Your Awakening to Consciousness”

— Module A – “The Innocent and Contagious Joy of Living”

Level 2“Time Travels (Past and Future)”

— JOURNEY INTO THE FUTURE — predict the conditions; and change whatever is out of balance, before it even occurs. Reinforce all that is Harmonic.

— PSYCHOMETRICS — Read the vibrations of objects and photos, locating in this way, in time and space, to whom they belong and what happened exactly with the Person. Learn how to rebuild History.

— PERFORMING THE IMPOSSIBLE — learn to solve what Everyone, including You, think is impossible. What is Faith, how to measure it and activate it in You.

Level 3Self-Consciousness and Energetic Balance”

— Many HEALING TECHNIQUES (Energetic Balance): With Mind, with Hands, with Love, with Consciousness…

— Food, the fuel for Your body. Vegetarianism. Fasting.

— Collective JOURNEY TO THE PAST to see if You had Past Lives in Other Planets or Other Dimensions. Why and what have You come here to do. What advanced knowledge did You have then and how You can reactivate them and use them for Your benefit and for the benefit of all Mankind and the other species of this Planet Earth.

Level 4“The Education of the Future”

— What changes do You need to do to really live in a truly Aquarian Harmonic way, which in this moment may be beyond Your wildest dreams. Comparison to Age of Pisces.

— Ultra-revolutionary techniques in Education and Learning.

Level 5“The Evolution of the Brain”

Level 6“Rhythms. Vibration…”

Level 7“Cosmic Consciousness”


Some of the Topics and Exercises
given through SEQUENTIAL levels
from 1 to 7:

❤ — RELAXATION, includes Activation and Harmonization of Chakras (7+38), overcoming Your usual processes of linear thought and duality.

❤ — Tune with Your Subconscious Mind and with Cosmic Intelligence.

❤ — Store things in Your Mind, without distortions and recover them intact.

❤ — Telepathically know what Your Teacher, Instructor or Lecturer will say, even before he or she said it.

❤ — Activate Your Memory and increase Your ability to observe, concentrate and understand.

❤ — Study less and learn more.

❤ — Get grades in the 90% range or more on any test You take.

❤ — Be more efficient as a Human Being.

❤ — RIVER OF ENERGY, Transmutation through Forgiveness.

❤ — CHROMOTHERAPY, colours usage, Energy projection and Distance Healing.

❤ — Surprise Yourself seeing Auras and Chakras in the first few hours of training.

❤ — Reach HARMONY without having to forgive.

❤ — TELEPATHY and Mental Dialogue — when words cannot convey Your Thoughts and everything else seems to have failed.

❤ — The negative aspects and limitations of Positive Thinking, Willpower, Effort and so many other things… transcend them and live in HARMONY.

❤ — Concept reconstruction. Definitions of Love. Freedom. Fury. Grudge. Insult. Competition. Cooperation.

❤ — IMAGINATION — use it in a constructive and creative way.

❤ — JOURNEY TO THE PAST (Collective) — similar to, but, in all aspects, far beyond of common regression. A fully Conscious journey, without Hypnosis, to Your Past Lives (Reincarnations), to:


1 – Discover Your most Innocent and Joyful Lives to live again in a natural, spontaneous way, with that State of Mind, transmitting at the same time to Others to experience and enjoy such way to live…

2 – Discover Your limitations and overcome them;

3 – Discover and resolve anything that cannot be explained by normal means, including traumas and long-term problems;

4 – Become aware of Yourself, more understanding and obtain answers to questions such as
“Who am I? Where do I come from? Why am I here?
How can I become more efficient?”

— The true meaning of KARMA. How to use it to bring HARMONY for Your Life and for all Humanity. Reincarnation, Resurrection, Genetic Memory, Collective Consciousness, Magnetic or Vibrational Impregnations and Akashic Records.

— How to become useful.

— How to change the World, without changing Anyone.

—Right from the start, with only one to three hours of this training, You will be able to detect cases at a distance and to use Your Psychic Faculties, with greater accuracy than many professional Psychics or Sensitives, without the use of any other tool besides Your Consciousness and Your ability to Love.

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