Who is Robiyn?

Born in Margão – Goa in India, when Goa was still a Portuguese State, on October 2nd, 1948.

From Goa, a fusion of Western and Eastern cultures, he left for Portugal at the age of 11 to begin schooling there, and at the age of 17 traveled to Brazil, where he currently resides.

His full name is Joaquim Francisco Robin Peixoto Galvão de Melo e Souza, though he prefers simply to be called Robiyn, because his Family is the entire World and it would be very hard to carry around everyoneís surname.

He is currently finishing his PhD in Philosophy, Psychology, Pedagogy and Social Communication in the United States. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Divinity at the Brotherhood University in Florida, USA.

He is a member of CIAMAN, International Confederation of Alternative and Natural Medicine (Madrid, Spain, Geneva and Switzerland), having once held the position of Worldwide Vice-President during the World Congress in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1990. He is a member of FENAMAN, National Federation of Alternative Natural Medicine, Belo Horizonte. He is a Natural Therapist and member of ABNT, Brazilian Association of Natural Therapists, Belo Horizonte.

He has graduated in Mind Control from International Silva Mind Control in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
He is an Instructor of Relax, in Laredo, Texas, USA and a Parapsychologist for the American Parapsychological Foundation of Los Angeles, California, USA.

He is the author of various Books and Publications, among which are:
“PeaceÖFlowing from You,”
“Looseleaves for Rebirth,” and
“You are the Solution!”

He is the creator and founder of “Harmonious Thought and Practice.”

He gave conferences and participated in the committee that helped prepare the treatise on ethics among non-government organizations (NGOs) of the United Nations during the World Summit Meeting for Ecology and the Environment, organized by the United Nations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992. Robiyn has traveled to 101 countries spreading a new way of life and bringing practical and immediate results in all walks of life, on a personal or professional basis. His teachings can be successfully applied to all, making no distinction between different belief systems, religions, races, political inclinations, etcÖ

Having worked at roughly 20 different professional activities, from Airplane Pilot to Translator, Language Teacher, Writer, Speaker, he is dedicated to creating the means by which to help each Human being to reach excellence in his own personal and professional life. This can be applied to the human being as an individual and to groups, both firms and organizations.

An investigator into Regression and Phenomena related to human nature, including the mind, spirit and body, he teaches practical methods to better health, to learn foreign languages and study more in less time. In addition, he shows applications to bettering production at work, relationships between administrators and their staff, between Parents and Children, Husband and Wife, Political Parties and different political Factions, etc.

Robiyn gives courses and talks in five different languages that he speaks and writes perfectly; all in all he has a working knowledge of 64 different languages and dialects.

Although self-taught in Yoga and hypnosis since the age of 14, Robiyn never uses hypnosis in his work. He has developed his own unique Techniques, based on an initial unfolding and expansion of awareness and the ethics and practical methods with which to use them. He began by giving public lectures at the age of 18 to varied audiences, which consisted of people from very different cultural and economic backgrounds, young and old alike. The elderly would confide to him that at one point in the course they understood they could trust the young and that humanity would have a better and well-earned future.

He was also one of the organizers and leaders of the “Viva a Gente!” (Life to the People), a worldwide youth movement that aimed at bettering the world, beginning with the participants themselves. Ideas were presented through songs, books and especially through the practice of a better life. In addition to coordinating the movement, he also participated in very specific roles such as that of singer, conductor, public relations, writer and editor of a magazine, counselor to his companions, and so on. It was during this same period that he had the opportunity to travel to various countries. In Brazil alone, he visited 72 cities in 14 states and was housed with 80 families of very different racial, social, economic, cultural and religious backgrounds. This gave him the opportunity to know firsthand different ways of life and thus consolidate even further his own very special way of mixing with people, respecting their unique way of being and living. By accepting them as they were, in all their authenticity, he could experience with them, in harmony, all that is fine, noble, constructive and balanced.

The first suicide case that he remembers having helped to deter took place when he was only 18 years old.
It was the case of a middle-aged woman who no longer ate, bathed, etc., in other words, who wished to end her life. The case had drawn itself out for some time; she paid no heed to her psychiatrist, nor  her doctor or psychologist, priest, husband, son ? to no one. Robiyn offered to help and spoke to her for one or two hours. She was then able to give her life a fresh start and bring happiness to her family. She had found new meaning in her life.

As mediator he has intervened in countless cases where tension and conflict were building up between individuals or groups, including Nations, some of which are of a confidential nature. Others, for example, include the hunger strike in Assumption, Paraguay, 1989, another in a penitentiary and yet another in a University. In all these cases a successful end was reached in only two days thanks to his mediation.

On another occasion at the REMINGTON factory in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992, the strike had been dragging itself out for months. The Department of Human Resources called him in at a critical moment when employees were on the verge of using brute force to destroy the machinery in the factory. Upon arrival, he realized things were coming to a head when a female factory worker fainted and had to be taken to the hospital. Robiyn met with the strike leaders for two hours and less than one hour later the strike was over.

In January, 1984, he participated in seminars at the Papuda Penitentiary in the Federal District of Brazil and presented the “Congresso Internacional Renascer” (“International Rebirth Congress” – the name of RENASKIGI at the time), in the Petrônio Portela auditorium in the Federal Senate Building in Brasília, Brazil. Among the many dignitaries present from around the world there was a scientist, a former NASA advisor, and a delegation from South Africa who were later partially responsible for the constructive and democratic choices that took place in that nation. During this very same year of 1984, Robiyn held seminars at the Justice Department in the Federal District of Brasília for Judges, lawyers and employees. At the Justice Department and at OAB (Association of Lawyers in Brazil) with over five thousand members present.

Translator for scientists of worldwide renown from various countries, including Americans, Soviets, Frenchmen, Englishmen, etc., among which are Allan Hynek, the American Astrophysicist whom Steven Spielberg consulted in order to produce the top hit movie “Encounters of the Third Type.”

Solicited by innumerable Brazilian political figures and those from other countries as well, Robiyn has set his major goal as Peace, Harmony and Balance in the World. This is to be based on more conscientious Human behavior, obtained through understanding and cooperation and material and spiritual development, together with emotional, mental and financial development.

His teachings are also shared in lectures, courses, books and publications, tapes (audio and video), that include explanations as well as practices. The media have also hailed him with ample coverage, as for example, full-page interviews in widely circulated newspapers, including cover stories in weekend supplements. He has been the focus on TV and radio programs ranging from one to four consecutive hours, and in certain instances, has had to return to the program over and over again to satisfy the interest of the spectators. On these occasions, spectators have demonstrated, according to program organizers, a “fascination for his simple and natural way of explaining things and of giving each one guidance on matters of vital importance.”

He made his first television appearance at the age of 18, and since then has conducted his own radio and TV shows in various countries. Though not currently living in Costa Rica, his one-hour program “Logrando Lo Impossible” (Seeking the Impossible), continues to be shown three times a week on TV.

The Basic Course gives a full definition of the program, not only in terms of content and results, but also with regard to the title itself: “RENASKIĜI ? The Art of Living Harmoniously.”