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“umOL” = “Unveiling Mysteries and Overcoming Limitations…”

(“umOL” = “Unveiling Mysteries and Overcoming Limitations”) (EN+US)

It’s a unique way
– both the concept and practice –
extremely simple, precise, effective,
ultra-fast and even sometimes instant,
created by Robiyn,
through which we can locate problems,
their origin and the Solutions.

Solutions – always with Balance and Harmony.

Problems can have different natures,
they can be recent or old, acute or chronicle,
including those with no Solution in the correspondent specialty,
within Science, Para-Science, spirituality or any other knowledge
or practice used by human civilization.

Robiyn helps locating the problem and/or problems:

• The connections between them, even though they might seem invisible or inexistent…

• Their origin, even if from other Lives as Human Being, in this Planet…
• Their origin, even if from other Lives as any Other Beings, non-Human, in this Planet …
• Their origin, even if from other Lives as any Other Being, Extra-Terrestrial, in this Planet…
• Their origin, even if from other Lives as any Other Being, Extra-Terrestrial, outside this Planet…
• The connection between BIOlogy and EXOBIOlogy.
• And much more, too much to be mentioned in this small text…

Robiyn called it  “umOL” = “Unveiling Mysteries and Overcoming Limitations”,
originally in English,

Because usually, he gives a name or writes texts or books
in the language he is using at that moment,
according to the Country he’s in and the necessary language.
Later, these names, texts, books or materials in audio and video,
are translated to the most diverse languages, one by one…

For this reason,
we need help with the translations,
so if You or Anyone else wishes to cooperate
We are very thankful
“umOL”  can be executed in six diferent ways:

6 – The most accessible, direct and immediate “umOL” from all 6:
You can participate in “umOL”
– “Your encounter with UTOPIA and Your own most Perfect and immediate REALIZATION”,
which lasts about two hours,
but can reach three or four if necessary.

During this event, there’s a raffle among the Ones that are Present,
and Robiyn will perform a “umOL” with Each of the chosen Persons,
approaching the most important Past Life or Lives
to bring up in that moment,
and that can help the Person
to locate the origin of the problem
or main problems that has been through and how to solve them.
On the other hand,
“umOL” can help the Person to find its talents and abilities,
never perceived before and put them to immediate use,
towards its own Wellbeing and Others,
always with Balance and Harmony.

In any case, the Person will be optimizing Its Life,
Others, around you and the Planet in general…

For that optimization to be done efficiently,
simply and promptly, sometimes even immediately,
the Person can use the concepts and practices that learns at our workshops/courses
and our support material, created by Robiyn.

“umOL” – “Your Encounter with UTOPIA and its Perfect and immediate REALIZATION”,
It’s a fascinating and unique experience,
for the Ones chosen from the raffle as well as for Other participants,
helping to solve many things, making others clearer,
washing away doubts
and leading even the most sceptical,
transcending the most stubborn scepticism,
to accept the evidence before Their eyes.

Come and see for Yourself,
and you won’t be able to stop Yourself
for coming back and inviting Family and Friends
that will find something that – besides consolation – to any situation,
from the most light to the most serious,
including total and absolute despair,
and event suicidal attempt,
as today we see happening with more frequency.

In fact, You, Your Parents, Friends, Colleagues
or Whoever it is, that you want to help
can find the Unique Door,
so simple and immediate,
that in this moments of Crisis without end,
of any kind,
can be a shortcut to take Their suffering away,
their shortage, worries and disgrace towards total Grace…
that could be considered by many,
and because of that Robyin names it
Your Encounter with UTOPIA and Its Perfect and immediate REALIZATION

5 – The “umOL”  that is performed in other ways during our courses/workshops/Ikursos

4 – The “umOL” that spontaneously happens during our courses/workshops/Ikursos

3 – The “umOL” that spontaneously takes place during the practice in Your house, job or anywhere,
due to the techniques taught in our Courses/Workshops/Ikursos,
and also with our support material Exercises (mp3,cd,etc).

2 – “umOL” that spontaneously takes place during a short encounter on the street or anywhere else…
the short, brief encounter, of Anyone known or unknown, with Robiyn…
and Robiyn knows that, in that moment, no matter how brief it is,
it’s crucial to simply give that Person “the message”,
without however invading its privacy…

1 – The most complete of all 6 “umOL”, also called “Personal Orientation”
Where Robiyn gives individual orientation.

1 – a – connection
It’s performed through internet, to anywhere in the World,
by conference, audio in real time.

In one side of the internet is the Person being looking into, on the other is Robiyn,
just like a common telephone call.

Since Robiyn doesn’t need to be in the presence of that Person,
he can do it from anywhere,
just using a simple internet connection.
The convenience of using internet,
is avoiding expensive phone calls,
national or international,
to accomplish the communication.
The sound quality is also definitely better through the internet.

1 – b – preparation
There’s a preparation to be made through the Classroom or online Courses/Workshops
It is completed with ikursos, courses exclusively through Internet.

When Someone Who desires to have a “Personal Orientation” – “umOL”,
and can’t participate physically on the Livings / Worshops/ iKursos for some reason,
like living far away or being in another Country,
Can do it through the Internet, and additionally with ikursos.

1 – c – Additional preparation with diverse materials from Robiyn
Besides this, there’s an additional Preparation to be made with mp3,
audio CDs and other materials from Robiyn,
that Anyone can obtain and use it in their homes or convenient place.

1 – d – Additional preparation with specific materials recommended by Robiyn, according to each case.

1 – e – The session itself
The session itself with Robiyn is performed in parts,
and there are follow-ups and other details
that are directly explained to the Person
that is having a Personal session.

Have a Nice trip Throughout Life,
Entering Life itself, which seems hidden behind You…
And putting Her out…
to the Service of Us All, and of Everything…
From the most Beautiful and Harmonious…
With Committal, Gratitude and LOVE…

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