Who is Robiyn?

robiyn-abraco-avatar-que e robiynWho is Robiyn?
A simple Human Being
like Yourself,
like any and every
one of us,
that however,
unlike many others,
chose to use his
free will to,
instead of complaining about
the supposed mediocrity
of the People
or the world around Him,
feeling sorry, protesting, expressing negativism,
ignoring, or isolating
himself, saying that the problem belongs to others,
or waiting, utopianally, for the arrival of better days,
Robiyn, has been doing, and does every moment,
the choice to discover and put into practice Solutions to each problem,
personal or professional, individual or collective,
local or global, specific or generic,
doing so in a very simple and immediate way,
Excellence (which many, despite wanting, only have as a goal,
while for Robiyn it is an immediate practice and consequent realization)
— thus realizing and acknowledging at the same time,
this Excellence in You, in me, in Everyone else without exceptions…

This all sounds really nice
can I,
also do the same?

Of course, not only can You, You can!
The old saying that everyone knows and uses is:
“Of course, You not only can, You must!”.
Robiyn explains that Love is an expression of Freedom and not obligation.
Therefore, those who love have freedom of choice and always opt for the best,
for Harmony, using that Freedom, without fear.
That means, acting without fear of what could happen
if you didn’t make that choice;
acting for the pleasure of enjoying Freedom and Harmony,
that continue to flow as a result of the choice made by Love.
When You live in Harmony,
there are no conflicts between Love and duty, in other words,
those who love do not must — they can!

So Robiyn instead of saying:
“Not only You can, You must!”,
live in practice:
“Not only You can, You can!”

Everything I’ve read so far,
alines with the most profound, beautiful and sublime
that exists in me,
to my wills and motivations,
to Dreams realized or abandoned,
—but after all, tell me,
what do I need to do to accomplish all this,
where do i start?

All You need to do to accomplish all that is only
Yourself and the World around You. Like any
common Human Being, we imagine that You
have access to those conditions, that simply are,
Yourself and the World around You.

As easy as that?

Life is based on Simplicity. The Excellence is
based on Simplicity. Authenticity is
Based on Simplicity. Harmony is based on Simplicity. Love is based on Simplicity.
You, me, Everything and Everyone are based on Simplicity.

The simpler we are, the closer we are to the Real Being that we are. The simpler we are, the closer we are to recognizing the Real Being that each of the Others is and All are.

The simpler we are, the closer we are to assuming our Essence, our Authenticity, our Transparency.
Yes, the process of Living in Harmony is extremely easy. Simplicity is extremely easy.

Einstein said: “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of Genius to move in the opposite direction.”

It is this Simplicity that leads us to publish only Robiyn’s achievements, because other things like Diplomas and Titles do not express the true brilliance of the Achievements, of His Work and Service in favor of Humanity and why not say of the “Cosmunity”…

Author of several books and publications, among which are “Peace… Flowing from You”, “Loose Leaves to be Reborn”and “You are the Solution!” … Creator and Founder of “Harmonic Thought and Practice”.

Participated as a lecturer and member of the committee that helped to prepare the ethics treaty for the relationship between non-governmental entities of the United Nations (NGO’s) in the Global Forum of the World Meeting for Ecology and the Environment (ECO 92), organized by the United Nations in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Robiyn has already traveled to more than 100 countries promoting a new way of life that has the advantage of bringing practical and immediate results in any field of human activity, personal or professional, and can be successfully applied by everyone without distinction of religion, racial, politicics, etc.

Having already exercised about 20 professions, from Airplane Pilot to Translator, Language Teacher, Writer, Lecturer, he is dedicated to creating means to help every Human Being to achieve excellence in their personal and professional life. This applies to Human beings as an Individual but also as a organization such as companies.

As an Investigator of Regression and Phenomena related to human nature, including the mind, spirit, and body, Robiyn teaches practical applications to improve health, learn languages, study more in less time, improve production at work, relationships between directors and employees, between Parents and Children, Husband and Wife, Political Parties or Different Factions, etc…

He gives courses and lectures in five languages ​​that he speaks and writes perfectly, he also has knowledge in 64 languages ​​and dialects.

Despite having taught himself hypnosis and yoga at the age of 14, Robiyn never uses hypnosis in his work. He developed his own, unprecedented techniques, based on the first awakening of consciousness and its expansion, as well as the ethics and practical means to use them. He started giving public lectures at the age of 18, which were aimed at people of the most diverse cultural and economic conditions, from young people to adults, even the elderly, who, when they heard him talk, said that from that moment on they trusted young people and that humanity would have a better and dignified future.

He was also one of the organizers and leaders of “Viva a Gente !”, a worldwide youth movement that aimed to improve the World starting with Themselves. The ideas were presented through songs, books and above all through the practice of a better life. In addition to coordinating, he also worked in different areas such as singer, conductor, public relations, writer and editor of a magazine, advisor to other companions, etc. During this period, between the ages of 18 and 21, he had the opportunity to travel to different countries. In Brazil alone, he traveled to 72 cities in 14 states and stayed with around 80 families from the most diverse racial, social, economic, cultural, religious backgrounds… and further consolidate their very special way of mixing with everyone, respecting their unique ways of being and living, accepting them as they are, with all their authenticity and realizing together with them in harmony, everything is beautiful, noble , constructive and balanced.

The first case of suicide he remembers helping to prevent was when he was just 18 years old. It was a lady who no longer ate, didn’t bathe, etc. … , in short, she wanted to end her life. The case had been dragging on for some time; she didn’t listen to her psychiatrist, or her doctor, psychologist, priest, husband, son… nobody… Robiyn offered to help and in an hour or two of conversation with the lady, he gave a new direction to her life and joy to her family and gained a new outlook on life.

As a mediator, he has acted in numerous cases of tensions and conflicts, whether individual or collective, including Nations, some of which are obviously of a confidential nature. Among others, for example, the hunger strike in Asunción, Paraguay, 1989, in a penitentiary and another at the University. On both occasions, through his mediation, a happy conclusion was reached in just two days.

On another occasion at the REMINGTON factory, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1992, the strike had already been going on for months. He was called in an emergency, by the human resources department, because the employees were about to physically destroy, with the use of brute force, the factory machines. Upon arrival, he found that the shock was so severe that a factory employee fainted and had to be taken to the hospital. Robiyn met with the strike leaders for a period of two hours and less than an hour after concluding the dialogue, the strike was over.

In January 1984, he participated in seminars at the penitentiary of Papuda, DF, Brazil and held the “Congresso Internacional Renascer” (which was the name of RENASKIĜI at the time), at the auditorium Petrônio Portela, Senado Federal, Brasília, Brazil, with several guests with world-renowned personalities, among them a scientist, a former NASA consultant and a delegation from South Africa, where he was partially responsible for the democratic and constructive choices that subsequently took place in that country. In that same year, 1984, he also conducted seminars at the Court of Justice of the Federal District, Brasília, for judges, lawyers and officials. In the Ministry of Justice and in the OAB, Order of Lawyers of Brazil (more than five thousand members).

Translator of world-famous scientists from different countries, including Americans,Soviets,French, English, etc… among which is Allan Hynek, American Astrophysicist, to whom Steven Spielberg asked for guidance to produce the best-selling film “Close Encounters of the Third degree”.

Requested by numerous political personalities in Brazil and in numerous countries, its main goal being Peace, Harmony and Equilibrium in the World based on a better behavior of each Human Being, obtained through understanding and cooperation and both material and spiritual development, along with the emotional, mental and financial development.

His teachings are also shared through lectures, courses, books and publications, tapes (audio and video), both with explanations and practical techniques. The various means of communication have provided him with wide coverage, such as, for example, two-page interviews in major newspapers, including as a subject on the cover of weekend supplements; on TV and Radio for one to four hours straight, and in some cases he had to return to the program, two, three or even five times, such was the interest of the public, who, according to them, were “fascinated by his simple and natural way to explain things and give guidance to each person in matters of vital importance.” His first TV interviews also began at the age of 18 and he has had his own radio and TV programs in several countries. Right now, even though he is not living in Costa Rica, his hour-long program, “Logrando Lo Impossible”, is still broadcast three times a week on TV.

The Basic Course defines everything, both in its content but also in its results, as well as simply through the title “RENASKIĜI – The Art of Living in Harmony”.

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